Snowy day, on Peppermint way!

Yes! Winter is here…finally?! I was hoping it would be getting warmer by now, with the days getting longer and everything… Ah well, it is England after all, and you will never know how the weather is gonna look like tomorrow. So, okay, let’s be optimistic about the whole snow thing… It is pretty (apart from when it gets dirty) and its nice (apart when it makes your fingers purple), so overall, I don’t really mind it 🙂 

So, me, Mike Moorey and Joe Jae went around this big field, covered with this white thing (called “snow” by my amazing French partner Jessica) and we took some pictures, ran around, caught a cold, and well, like always, had a brilliant and uplifting Sunday afternoon. Oh Joe Jae did a good job as a model 😉

Here are some pictures, enjoy 🙂 

With LOVE from England to the World!




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Mushroom Apocalypse!

Hey! Ça va?!

Okay I admit that I am a pretty lazy blogger, or in the words of my beloved Josephine Welhaven, simply “the worst blogger ever”. I just suppose that, if you are going to write something, for someone to read, anywhere in the world, you gotta make your words count, create an impact, stimulate interest, or otherwise is just all wasted paper wasted words! So, I patiently wait, until my so claimed “artistic mind” does it’s job 🙂 

Okay, no more blah, blah, blah, let’s move to what really matters! This week’s biggest event, was with no shadow of doubt, my sweetheart’s (a.k.a Laura Haman’s) Birthday dinner! Laura booked the whole of the second floor of Nandos (Portuguese restaurant) for the party, and invited the best people around the neighborhood for the celebration! We laughed, sang, gave presents, ate cake, laughed a little bit more and ended our night like we always do, with big smiles on our beautiful faces! Posting the picture below of my Lili Thomas and Laura Haman, to prove of how much fun we had 😉

Now SUNDAY! What do you do, at the very end of a Sunday afternoon, after a nice and well made Brazilian meal? Yes, that is right, we find an old and abandoned ‘Mushroom factory’, mess around and have fun! The place was sick and to finish the day amazingly, before we were heading home, after hours of having a good time, we found a guy, painting the old buildings around him! Well of course I took half a zillion pictures, and here is the living proof! 


Again, thank you ever so much for your time, enjoy the pictures, and have an amazing week, 

With LOVE from England to the world, Henrique Moura Netto!



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Stop being so “Cliché”, take it as a MAN!

Yes, it has been more than a month since I last wrote, but you know, New Year is here, but the indolence or in other words, laziness, it’s still the same 😀 Well, Happy New Year!

NOW, NOW, NOW!  On the Easter Holidays, I will be packing my stuff to head towards NORWAY! Yeah I know, even the name sounds cold, but the company will make up for it! I will be staying at Josefine’s (yeah, yeah, the Brazilian t-shirt girl), and meet some of my old Norwegian friends from last year! The word “Excited” cannot describe it! Will surely be adding some decent pictures 😉

Well, going to go, have a a lot of homework to get through! -.-

Cliché picture (all rights to Cliché skateboards)

Love from England to the World! Henrique Moura Netto.



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Back off, the ‘Internationals’ have taken over England!

Okay, I don’t even know where to start from?! Well…maybe the beginning would be a good idea…

Well this week has been so busy, so much fun, just so amazing! Thursday night was Felix Birthday, where we commemorated it in BIG with pretty much all Internationals… Could I have asked for more? Thank you guys, you made my week. (pictures below- all rights go to Tokyo  in York). I could not believe how much my girls could dance (Silvia, Lisa, Laura, Lili…) aha!

Friday (as if it wasn’t enough) we went out, again, this time with James, Ben Grice and Tony the Legend! Great, fantastic night! Although I couldn’t dance much, because all my energies had been wasted on Thursday, I gave all I could, aha (picture below, with Sarinha from Leeds)

Saturday, with the sun shining bright (cold as hell though) Me and Nicole (Burguesinha) went to the York Dungeon (big terror House, with stories about York and stuff), to see if she was brave enough, and turns out she’s just a daddies girl, ahah. On a serious note, she was braver than me ;). The Dungeon was pretty funny, it was a different type of scary, but it was so worthy it, I recommend it!

So after the Dungeon, my parents called me, reminding me of another party we were supposed to go as a family. I begged, as I wanted to go to sleep, but I really wanted to go too, because I love those people! Beijão familia Ribeiro e Nakaoshi!

AGORA! só 2 horas e 15 minutos para o jogo do meu TIMÃO!  Vamo Corinthians, a vitória é nossa, e os com dor de cotovelo, que passem nivea na ferida :). Mas também, a triste notícia da morte do Socrates, um dos melhores jogadores de sua época! Descanse em paz (picture below).

Just finished watching a movie called ‘Deus é Brasileiro’ (God is Brazilian). I must confess I was a little bit surprised with the movie, but if you ever get curious about the Brazilian cinema, I’m sure you could get some English subtitles 😉

So today me and my family were discussing Christmas presents, I was looking for the price of this amazing book I want to get (yes, I love receiving books for b’days and Christmas) and I found out about this book called Budapeste (Budapest, Capital of Hungary for those that didn’t know) and I know what Wild Bili will be getting that for her Christmas present 😉 I know you will LOVE it lili!

OH! And this week I shall write to Italy to see what the requirements for the University are there, so… Pretty excited!

Okay, first picture, from left to right, Martine (from Norway), Lisa (from Germany) Federico (from Spain), Maria (from Norway), Laura (from Germany) and Nicole (Burguesinha). Second, Burguesinha with Lisa (sorry I just think this picture looks great!). Third, Lisa, Silvia (from Italy) and Lili (from Hungary). Fourth, Me and Sarinha (from England). Last Picture, a tribute to Socrates, RIP!


Have a good week everyone, Thank you for your time, Love from England to the World. Henrique Moura Netto.





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I’m not as bad as I seem… I haven’t killed anyone yet.

Sunday night, we meet again! I know I may seem to have a slight obsession with the word ~Friday~, but ask yourself the following question: Why is Friday so close to Monday, and Monday so far from Friday?! You come out with the best stuff in the shower, don’t you? but AHH let’s go to what really matters…

I broke my arm a couple of months ago (pretty much the first week of college) and that made me miss so many lessons! First obviously was the fact that I had to attend York Hospital a couple of times, and most mornings I would wake up with a terrible pain on my arm (probably because I slept on top of it?) but that was the main factor for me not to be present at college! So last week, for my joy, I received a letter from college, informing myself that I was being held on a Disciplinary Hearing for missing too many lessons, and guess what? I received the damn letter on a Saturday, which obviously ruined my whole weekend! Thanks for that! But well, I must wait patiently for the outcome of the disciplinary hearing throughout my weekend, so that’s two weekends ruined, but hey, I must be a good boy now! Catching up on homework has been insane, Summer, save me!

AH! Hoje foi o grande prêmio do Brasil, em Interlagos! Nossa que expectativa, que emoção! Lembrei claro, em 2004, quando Eu, meu irmão Guilherme, a minha irmã Rafaella, com meus primos Lê e Mauricio, fomos assistir ‘corrida de Masserati’, aha! Que gostoso, que saudade! Mas voltando ao assunto, a corrida não foi oque agente estava esperando na verdade né? Bruno Senna sendo penalizado quando o Lemão “meteu” o carro na frente dele. Barrichello (Parabéns pelo trabalho fenómenal durante sua carreira toda) bem, nem sei oque dizer…? Mas Massa, ‘vamo conversa mermão’, dá pra parar no pit-stop mais cedo? Mas valeu pelos cavalinhos de pau no final 😉


I’m posting a picture tonight of a great friend who I’ll miss deeply when he moves to Guadalajara, all the way in Mexico! Will, we love you boyzzz! 🙂

From England to the world, with LOVE, Henrique Moura Netto!  



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Monday mornings… Only for the Brave!

AH! I wish I could just call college every Monday morning and say I am feeling terribly sick and stay in my nice and warm bed, but hey look at the bright side, Mondays only happen once a week 😉 and it is more than enough!

Today (apart from the freezing cold) has been such a good day! I love my International Students, I can only survive here NESSE FIM DE MUNDO! because of them!  I Told Silvia today (La tipicca ragazza Italiana) of how much I have been thinking of going to Italy for my Law degree, (after the University fees in England raised to a ridiculous amount), and the way Silvia is, she was bursting with happiness, shouting, ~COME TO MILANO, COME TO MILANO!~ Aha! Wouldn’t I just love to?! But it’s quite a serious subject, and I have no idea what I’m going to do! Italy, Denmark, Holland, France! They all sound SO good, and if it is less than 9k a year, I’m there!

Oh and how much have I missed my skatadas?! This rain is so, so, so… so! And I know it will only get worse for the next 6 months :/. But here go two amazing pictures of some pure skating! Those were the days. The blue sky one is me in 2008, mandando um Flip a patrão da caixa de manuals do skatepark da minha Póvoa (RIP btw skatepark) and the second is Kani (again) com um ollie todo-poderoso na Capela da Póvoa!

Oh and sorry that I have no pictures from the JAM! but this week, it’s my promise ehe!

Um pouco de Português?!

Uma amiga minha (Josefine, da Noruega) fez aniversário a semana passada! 17 Aninhos, Parabéns loca! 😉 E como presente mais lindo, a camisa da minha seleção eu dei, com todo amor claro! E claro, como jogadora de futebol lá no college, ela amou! Quero ver meu presente hein loira?! ahah 😉

Fala sério, tem lingua melhor que a Portuguesa?

Tomorrow, college, but now? Now I’m going to bed! Have a great week!

Love from England to the World, Henrique Moura Netto.

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Life is Good, so why not share it?

Hello World! 

So this is officially my first post, and I hope you enjoy the way I will publish my ideas, my memories, art and many other ways of expressing myself.

Life has treated me so good recently, holidays during school term, new friends, new opportunities… Although I miss my Brazilian sunshine, and my Portuguese friends, the UK has been a great place to live, Oh and I miss a good Brazilian barbecue too, but hey we cannot have everything right?! 😉 So thank you David Cameron!

Tomorrow will be a good day, as I finish school at 10.30am (see I told I have been having the good easy life) me and Janik (best friend, brother, band member, you name it) will play the whole day, so really soon, I might put some killer pictures of our jam, qué melhor que isso?!

Queria mandar um abraço do tamanho do MUNDO pros tugas que amo tanto, ehe! Aqui vão duas fotinhas, primeira com a Nessinha (paixão de todo sempre) Pedrinho (brotha lá no meu Brasil Brasileiro, espalhando a verdade) e a minha Tininha linda! Amo vocês! Segunda foto do meu amor maior, o skate, ehe! Picture by kani! Abraço daqui do fim do mundo Bro!


Thank you for your time, have a great week 🙂

Love from England to the World, Henrique Moura Netto!



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